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James Curran remasters his popular ‘Gifathons’ in 3D featuring New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo

He’s the master of Gifathons, bringing us a new animated gif every day for 30 days, focusing around the theme of one city. Now James Curran is back and this time he’s gone 3D.

Looking through his popular self-initiated series, Curran has picked out 30 gifs from New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo, but giving them a more three-dimensional edge.

What sparked it? “I’d been thinking about doing a new Gifathon in a new city, but I wanted to try something different,” Curran tells Creative Boom. “I actually started to learn 3D animation in Maya about 15 years ago, before I switched to a mostly 2D style. My main reason for focusing on 2D was that it’s very quick to produce, which made creating Gifathons possible in the first place. I knew this wasn’t the case with 3D animation, so my initial concern was if it would even be possible to create a new 3D animation every day.”

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